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Prudential Committee
The Prudential Committee (or PruComm) is the governing board of the church. It is composed of the President, President-elect, Past President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Clerk, and six other voting members of the church. Four of the committee members serve as liaisons to the four ministries of the church: Spiritual Development. Community Life and Heritage, Development and Finance and Social Justice. The Prudential Committee sets policy and long-term goals, establishes committees and task forces with specific duties and responsibilities, hires professional staff other than the minister, manages the operating budget in accordance with the by-laws, and performs other duties necessary for effectively running an institution of our size and scope. The six Prudential Committee members are elected by the congregation to three-year terms; officers are elected annually to one-year terms.

Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee is composed of a liaison from the Prudential Committee, at least two other church members approved by the PruComm, and the Minister as an ex-officio member. They review Personnel Policies and Procedures annually and recommend changes to the Prudential Committee. In consultation with staff, appropriate committees and the minister, they develop and oversee non-ministerial employee evaluations and recommend salary increases. Committee members may assist in the selection process to fill vacant, non-ministerial staff positions, and in conjunction with the staff, they may recommend any reduced, expanded or new staff position to the Prudential Committee.

Communications Task Force
The Communications Task Force (CommUnitarians) is charged with developing policies on communications to be submitted to the Prudential Committee for review. The Task Force seeks input and guidance on the church newsletter, the website and other means of communication.

Nominating Committee
The five-member Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying and developing church leadership. In addition to recruiting for elected positions including PruComm members and officers and Deacons, the committee is responsible for identifying committee chairs. Each member of the Nominating Committee should have an understanding of the structure and work of the organization, the specific leadership need, and the special qualifications needed for both elective and appointed positions. Members of the committee are asked to be “at work” constantly —listening, seeking, observing, circulating, and being available and accessible in order to determine who might best serve in the various capacities, and to augment methods of developing and supporting leadership.